Paris is magic and it's a must see. Let Do It Decks show you the way!

Yes, Paris is magic. Yes, you must see the Eiffel Tower, and you must have croissants and coffee at every opportunity, but...

Its time to get your nose out of the guide book and see the city. Grab a few cards and get to it. Better yet, deal 4 or 5 to everyone on your trip and see who scores the most points.

Heck, when you get as many points for stepping in dog poo as you do for eating foie grois, anything is possible.

Do It Decks Paris edition - 52 cards 22 Paris activities (2 cards each) + 8 ??? cards to make it interesting.


Doit Decks gets right to the heart of Japan's most curious city.

52 cards lead you through Tokyo like no guide book ever could. Deal cards out to family and friends and then eat, drink, and explore one of the most exciting cities on the planet.

Of course, Doit Deck Tokyo includes Tokyo's top shrines, temples, and shopping districts. Our specialty is digging into some of the exciting and peculiar sides of your travel destinations.

Explore Tokyo vending machines to find Tokyo specialties like Bikle, or Pepsi White. Hit a convenient store for a curiously delicious steamed bun or a pack of BlackBlack gum.

DoiTDecks makes your trips more exciting. So, study up before hand with a good travel book, but buy a DoitDeck to slip in your pocket.